Guide to the opening of the Jury

2018-03-02 information

Preliminary application is required for both the selection conference.
Please enroll as soon as we will close as soon as it becomes quorum.
*Although the reception on the day can be accepted to the first screening meeting as well, there are cases where we will refuse when full, so please apply in advance as possible.

I agree to the privacy policy.

Please observe the following notes when you visit.

  • Please sit down at designated auditorium space at the examination venue.
  • Please refrain from eating, drinking and smoking in the visitor space.
  • Access to the outside of the visitor’s space is strictly prohibited.
  • In and out of visitor space is free within the judging time。
  • We should not disclose or disclose the information we learned at the Board to third parties.
  • In addition, unless the examination results are published from this examination board, that is not the limit.