• Sales Organization Name
    1. Japan Sign Design Association
  • Chief Operations Officer
    1. Makoto Takeuchi
  • Address
    1. Fujiseru Building 3F, 2-9 Kandaizumi-Chou, Chiyoda-Ku,Tokyo
  • Phone Number
    1. 03-5829-9506
  • Email Address
    1. sda@sign.or.jp
  • Sales URL
    1. https://sda-award.org
  • Payment Method
    1. Credit card payment, bank transfer
  • Amount Required Other Than Payment
    1. None
  • Sales Quantity
    1. From 1 item
  • Effective Date of Payment
    1. Payment must be made by the payment deadline set in the application guidelines.
  • Time of Delivery
    1. Immediately after payment is confirmed.
  • Delivery Method
    1. The work will be delivered upon receipt of the application.
  • Sales Price
    1. The price (application fee) will be specified in the application guidelines.
  • Cancellation and Refund
    1. In the event that the SDA Award is cancelled due to reasons on the part of the organizer, refunds will be made. No refunds will be made in the event that an applicant declines to enter the competition due to their own circumstances, or in the event that an applicant is disqualified due to a violation of the regulations stated in the application guidelines. Please check the application guidelines.