privacy policy

Efforts to protect personal information

Japan Sign Design Association will observe the obligation as a business operator handling personal information and handle all personal information relevant to the award management as follows.

  1. In the case of receiving personal information, the Association will inform the applicant of the purpose of the use of personal information and obtain consent from the applicant. When using the personal information received, Association will do so in appropriate manner within the range of purpose of use, which the applicant has given, consent to.
  2. We will not consign or provide the personal information provided to a third party, unless the applicant has given consent, or when we are legally obliged to respond to request from the judicial or administrative agencies based on laws and regulations.
  3. In the event an applicant requests for deletion, change or amendment of personal information on the grounds that the contents are not facts, we conduct necessary investigations without delay, correct the information within a reasonable period based on the result, and maintain, update and manage information accordingly.
  4. The Association will pay close attention to the handling of personal information and thoroughly enforce rules to the regular members and administrative staff who are in charge of the management of the activities of board of directors, steering committee, other committees and regional activities etc.

Purpose of using personal information

About personal information of the SDA Award applicants

  1. Confirmation of registered information
  2. For contacting the applicants regarding the entry, entry fee payment and the results of screening.
  3. For announcing the award ceremony
  4. For mailing the announcements from the Japan Sign Design Association.
  5. For other use within the scope of and as required by the SDA award management.