Screening Dates

Primary Selection

Web-based screening
Thursday, June 6, 2024 to Thursday, June 13

Secondary Selection

Secondary Selection Meeting
Monday, June 24, 2024

Finmal Selection

Final Review Session
Saturday, July 6, 2024
in Tokyo

Selection Criteria


Evaluation of the social significance and the effect of the project, such as the harmony with surrounding landscape or environment, and sustainability.


Evaluation of the work if it properly conveys the originator’s intention and provides appropriate communication.


Evaluation of the work whether there is an unprecedented approach in the idea, the construction or the process.


Evaluation of the beauty in the form, the material selection and the expression.

*In addition to the 4 items above, the entries should include safety into consideration.

Application Fee

Application fee is ¥11,000 (¥10,000 + consumption tax ¥1,000) for each entry.
The application fee includes the examination fee for design concept and two image data.
If you wish to submit more than one image data, additional examination fee of ¥1,650 (¥1,500 + consumption tax ¥150) is required for each additional image.
If you wish to submit video data, an additional examination fee of ¥16,500 (¥15,000 + consumption tax ¥1,500) is required for each entry.

Publication in the Yearbook

The yearbook, “Annual of Spatial Design in Japan 2025 – Display, Sign and Commercial Environment” containing the works of award winners and the finalists will be published in December 2024 (scheduled) .
The yearbook will be edited by Rikuyosha Inc. and the Yearbook Publication Committee formed by the members of the Kukan Design Organization, namely Japan Sign Design Association (SDA), The Japan Design Space Association (DSA) and Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association (JCD), and published by Rikuyosha Inc.


Supporting Organizations (scheduled)

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Japan Institute of Design Promotion
The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Nikkei Inc.
Federation of Japan Out-door Advertising Associations
Japan Design Space Association
Nippon Display Federation
Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association
Japan Sign Association
Japanese Technical Organization for Commercial Spaces
Japan Promotional Marketing Institute Inc.
Japan Advertising Federation
Japan Advertisers Association Inc.
Japan Graphic Design Association Inc.
Japan Typography Association
Japan Industrial Design Association
(In no particular order)