Application Categories

Purpose of Selecting Entry Category

Selection of entry category for the work will help judges

Since the sign design covers diverse area, sometimes it is difficult to understand from a photograph where the sign is installed or for what purpose the design serves. Having the information about the space setting and the design method in advance allows the judges to evaluate the work in close focus.

Category by Space Setting

Please select one or more.

If the space being applied for cannot be limited to single category, such as a complex facility, you may select multiple categories.

♦Public Space

Facilities built to serve the public, regardless of government or private ownership.
Example: kindergarten, nursery school, accredited nursery school, primary school, junior high school, high school, technical college, vocational school, library, museum of art, museum, railway station, airport, passenger boat terminal, bus terminal, hospital, clinic, post office, government building, pubic branch office, tax office, police station, health center, fire department, employment center, social security office, pension agency, public gym, public hall, meeting center, exhibition hall, etc.

♦Commercial Space

Facilities built for commercial purposes.
Example: department store, market, retail store, restaurant, cafe & bar, barber shop, beauty salon, bakery, rice shop, convenience store, bank, real estate agent, theater, movie theater, entertainment hall, car repair shop, bowling alley, skating rink, ski resort, golf course, karaoke hall, ryokan, hotel, paid parking lot, etc.

♦Special Space

Facilities for limited users.
Example: housing, apartment house, office building, shrine, temple, church, cram school, driving school, nursing home, factory, warehouse, stables, fish farm, TV station, film studio, garage, wholesale market, garbage plant

♦No Space Setting

When space setting cannot be defined.
Example: video device, computer screen, smartphone apps, car navigation system, virtual space, research and development, etc.
Select this category when the facility cannot be categorized into the public, commercial or special space categories above or when space setting is unknown

Category by Design Method

More than one can be selected.

Select design method(s) applicable.

♦Display and nameplate signs

Nameplate, place name, room name, location name, caution sign, warning sign, prohibition sign

♦Directional, guiding signs

Signal, sign, directions, display guide, display map, graphical display, arrows

♦Universal signs

Signs assisting the elderly, persons with disability, foreign visitors etc.

♦Advertising and promotional signs

Neon sign, outdoor billboard, transportation advertising, vehicle advertising, banner, large vision display, digital signage, POP, etc.


Exhibition, art exhibition, display exhibition, etc.

♦Events and festival

Event, festival, trade fair


Concert, theater, movie, game, amusement park


Tourist map, tourist poster, brochure, happi coat

♦Community building

Public and private joint program, community building, etc

♦Urban planning

Landscape plan, street plan, information facility plan, etc.


Facade, space, exterior and interior


Environmental lighting, lighting effect


Planting , landscaping, exterior sonctruction, park, bridge etc

♦Street furniture

Street light, bench, bus stop, shelter, bollard


Vehicle advertising, marking

♦Communication graphics

Environmental graphic, pictogram

♦Visual identity, branding

Logo, type, symbol, corporate color, application


Original font, text layout, brush calligraphy, calligraphy, lettering


Public art, sculpture, painting, photography


Experiential art, art equipment, object


User interface program

♦Web contents


♦Sound, voice

Voice guidance, voice instruction, sound environment

♦Technical research and development

Research and creative solution for signs, new technology developed from an idea