I would like to use a joint name for the name of the applicant and the name of the representative for the work.

For administrative purposes, we request a single individual who is actually in charge of the submission of the work to be named as an applicant, and not a joint name. Please use the address of the “person in charge” as your ID (e-mail address) so that we can easily contact you.
*The name of the applicant will not be published in the yearbook or the book of works. If the applicant is involved in the creation of the work, please register as the representative for the work or as a person involved.
The name of the representative for the work should be one person representing the parties involved in the design and production of the work, and not a joint name. As a rule, personal name and affiliation (company name, corporate name, trade name, etc.) of that person should be used, however, if you wish to register the work under a corporate name, you may enter the corporate name in the name field and leave the affiliation field blank.
Please note that the names of applicants, representative for the work, and related parties will not be disclosed to the judges until the completion of the screening process.