If the “Payment Method” button does not respond

Please check the following

1. Is JavaScript enabled? (If it is disabled, please enable it)
2. Are pop-ups allowed? (Please allow it.)

When you click the payment button, you will receive a message saying that you will not be able to edit any of your entries after this time. You will not be able to edit any entries that have already been paid for. Are you sure?” The confirmation pop-up window is displayed by JavaScript. We suspect that this pop-up window is not displayed because you cannot proceed unless you click “Accept and Continue.

If you still do not see the pop-up window, please contact us.

It is possible that your computer or in-house security level is so high that pop-ups are blocked.
You can also access the site with a smartphone or tablet, etc. We would appreciate it if you could access the site from these devices and try the payment process.