Differences between applicants, representatives for the work, and related parties

[Applicant] Those who are actually in charge of submitting works at the application site.
Please register your name (kanji, kana, or alphabetical characters), SDA member or not, affiliation (company name, corporate name, trade name, etc.in kanji, alphabetical characters, department), contact address, phone number, cell phone number, e-mail address, and optional password in [Applicant Registration]. Once you have registered, you will be able to use your ID (e-mail address) and password to log in for the next and subsequent years, but if your information changes (e.g., your department changes), please update your information.
All correspondence from SDA will be sent to the “applicant”. Please make sure that we can contact you by e-mail, phone, or mail.

[Representative for the work] The name that will appear with the name of the work in the yearbook or collection of works.
In principle, we ask that you use your personal name + affiliation (company name, corporation name, trade name, etc.), but it is possible to register only your corporate name. Please make sure that there are no omissions in the corporate name.

[The people involved] People involved in the production of this work
The work will appear in the credits section of the yearbook and portfolio.
Please select your job function from the options and enter your affiliation and name (in Kanji and English, respectively). Be sure to fill in the five categories of “Direction, Design, Construction, Client, and Photography” that will appear in the yearbook. Joint names are not acceptable. If there is more than one person in charge, please add an item and enter the information for each. The maximum number of lines that can be entered is 15 (company).
Changes or additions cannot be made after the application is completed, so please be careful not to make any errors or omissions.
Please be careful not to make any errors or omissions. Applicants will be notified individually on how to make corrections.