What changes have been made since the 54th competition?

  • Addition of a representative for the work
    1. We have added an entry form for representative for the work. The representative for the work refers to the representative person who was involved in the design and production of the work. In the past, we assumed that the applicant was the representative for the work, but since there were cases where applicant was not necessarily the representative for the work, such as in the case of a staff member making the application, we decided to have the representative for the work registered for each work.
  • Multiple selections can be made for “Category selection-1: By spatial setting.
    1. In the past, you were asked to select one of the options for selecting the space settings, but we have changed it to allow multiple selections. For example, in the case of a complex facility that combines a civic hall and a shopping mall, please check the Public space and Commercial space checkboxes.