I have not received the Notice of Application Fee

When you select the bank transfer as the payment method, the system automatically sends a Notice of Application Fee (see sample below). However, we have seen the cases of undelivered mail due to mail servers refusing to accept the mail. When secretariat confirms the undelivered mail, the notice is resent manually. If the notice mail is not received within 24 hours (except for during holidays) of completing application, please contact the secretariat at info@sda-award.org.

===== Sample =====

Title: Notice of Application Fee: 51 SDA Award
XX XXX sama
We have confirmed your payment process as shown below.
Please proceed to complete the payment before May 22, 2017.
[Date of Payment Process] 2017-00-00 00:00:00
[Application Number] SDA510000000###
[Name of Applicant] Tadashi Yuasa
[Payment Method] Bank Transfer
[Title of Work Submitted] Shiga Prefectural Biwako Museum \##,000 —
Total Due: \##,000
[Account Information]
Resona Bank
Hongo Branch
Current Account 575825
Japan Sign Design Association
[Payment Due]
Month XX, 2017
*When making the remittance, please add the last three digits of the Application Number (SDA510000000###) before the name of transferee
For example,
Application Number: SDA510000000###
Applicant Name: Hanako Sign
Transferee’s name should be “### Hanako Sign”
Japan Sign Design Association

===== End of Sample =====